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Best Mouth Guards For Boxing

by M Usman Yaseen 05 Jul 2024

Ready to throw some punches but worried about your pearly whites? We totally get it. In boxing, every punch carries the weight of your dedication. Protecting yourself is just as important as your offensive strategy.

Understanding the diverse needs of boxers, we have meticulously selected mouth guards that excel in durability, comfort, and protection.Our goal is to provide you with options that allow you to concentrate fully on your technique, rather than worrying about your safety.

In this guide, you'll encounter the best mouth guards specifically designed to meet the demanding conditions of boxing. To ensure you never have to second-guess your safety, we invite you to explore our selection.

Secure your most vital asset, your smile, and stay focused on mastering your craft.

5 Best Mouth Guards To Meet The Demanding Conditions Of Boxing

Model W11 


  • Innovative gel fit liner for a snug, comfortable fit
  • Designed for breathability
  • Superior shock absorption
  • Durable build for intense training and fights


Let's talk about the W11. What makes it stand out? This model is like your best sparring partner; it's there to offer unmatched protection without getting in your way. Featuring a gel lining, it adapts seamlessly to your teeth, ensuring a snug fit that feels almost natural. 

Perfect for athletes who want to focus on their technique without worrying about their mouthguard shifting. Plus, its design allows for easy breathing, so you can go those extra rounds without feeling weighed down.



Enhances comfort without compromising protection

May be on the higher price range due to advanced features

Allows for focused training without the need to adjust the mouthguard

Might require a break-in period for the custom mold to set perfectly

Ideal for serious athletes demanding both safety and comfort

Model RB11


  • Reinforced bite pad for additional protection
  • Breathable channels to facilitate airflow
  • Ergonomic design to reduce jaw fatigue
  • Multi-layer construction for impact management


Next up, the RB11. This one's all about reinforcement. Imagine having that extra layer of defense in a crucial match. With its enhanced bite pad, it offers additional protection where you need it most, guarding against those unexpected impacts.

It’s designed to keep you safe and comfortable, allowing for clear communication with your corner. Ideal for boxers who prioritize safety and want a mouthguard that keeps up with their intensity.



Offers extra protection with the reinforced bite area

May be bulkier than other models due to extra padding

Ensures easy communication with its design

Breathability could be compromised with the dense materials

Decreases the risk of jaw discomfort during extended use

Model R11 


  • Thermoplastic material for a precise fit
  • Shock distribution technology
  • Slim profile for ease of movement


Moving on to Model R11. Think of this as the sleek, high-performance sports car of mouthguards. Its thermoplastic material offers a custom fit that molds precisely to your teeth, providing optimized protection with a minimalist feel. It’s for the boxer who moves fast and talks strategy, ensuring clear speech and effective shock distribution. If agility and clarity in the ring are your game, the R11 is your go-to gear.



Provides a natural, accurate fit with the thermoplastic material

Thermoplastic may require careful maintenance

Spreads impact evenly to minimize injuries

The fit may need readjustment over time as it wears

Sleek design allows for agility and clear communication

Model PW11 


  • Polymer blend for a lighter feel
  • Wraparound design for full coverage
  • Integrated breathing channels


The PW11 is all about coverage without compromise. Crafted from a light polymer blend, it feels light in your mouth but stands strong against impacts. Its wraparound design means your teeth are comprehensively protected, and integrated breathing channels ensure that your gas tank isn't running on low. For the boxer who values a lightweight feel without sacrificing extensive coverage, the PW11 punches above its weight class.



Lightweight without sacrificing protection

Some boxers might find the complete coverage too invasive

Offers comprehensive dental coverage

Enables easier breathing during intense matches.

Model NB11 


  • Non-boil material for instant fitting
  • Aeration holes for saliva flow and speech
  • Contoured padding for cheek protection


Finally, the NB11 – the quick-fit warrior. No boiling, no fuss; just protection ready in moments. This model understands your need for convenience without overlooking essential features like aeration for better breathing and speech, along with contoured padding for that extra shield against side hits. It’s tailor-made for the boxer who’s always on the move, seeking reliable protection that’s ready at a moment’s notice.



No need to boil and mold, which can save time

The instant fit might not be as precise as custom-fitted models

Promotes better communication and comfort

Aeration holes could weak the structure and lessen protection

Adds extra protection for the cheeks against side blows

How to find the best mouthguard- A quick guide

  1. Know Your Needs: Ask yourself what's important - comfort, durability, or maybe breathability?
  2. Type Matters: Go for a 'Boil and Bite' for a good fit without spending much, or a custom-fit from a dentist for the best protection.
  3. Material Check: Look for something durable yet comfy. A good thermoplastic material is usually a great choice.
  4. Breathing is Key: Make sure you can breathe easily with it. No gasping for air mid-round!
  5. Easy to Clean: Hygiene is crucial. Pick one that’s simple to clean after each use.
  6. Get Recommendations: Chat with fellow boxers or coaches. Personal experiences are super helpful.


Choosing the right mouthguard is pivotal in boxing – it's not just about protection; it's about comfort, fit, and confidence inside the ring. Whether you're a professional looking for the ultimate shield like the NB11, seeking the versatile and snug fit of the R11, or you need the endurance-oriented comfort of the PW11 for long training sessions, there's a model designed for your specifications. 

For robust, reliable protection, consider the RB11. And for those emphasizing comfort without sacrificing guard, the W11 is your go-to. It's all about matching your personal needs to enhance performance and ensure safety.

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