About Us

Athletic Force 1 has a “Will to Win.”

Our motto provides the basis of our company’s strong foundation, and our commitment to providing first-class service to all our customers locally, regionally, and internationally. AF1 has satisfied customers in all 50 states and Canada; we’re growing daily.

The primary reason for the rapid expansion of AF1 in the sports uniforms and apparel industry is our belief in offering top-quality products at a fair price while taking care of our customers every step. Additionally, AF1 is expanding its product lines into innovative and exciting football equipment and ancillary sports items to meet the needs of our customers.

AF1 and its deep history of providing great products and services have allowed the company to begin offering outstanding choices for our business customers wanting to wear dynamic Corporate Gear and uniforms to represent their company proudly. 

“We greatly value every customer that trusts the AF1 brand, whether they are a sports team, school, league, conference, or any business entity from small to large. Every day, we strive to provide the best products and services from start to finish, which will never change.”

Mike S, CEO