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Best Accessories for 7 on 7 Football Teams

by M Usman Yaseen 05 Jul 2024

Right Tool for the Right Job! Welcome to the world of the fast-paced American football variant, 7 on 7 football. Your skills are another story, but your football accessories scream LOUDER! If you really want to stand out, what matters after your skill, without any argument, is your kit or football accessories. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, having the proper equipment can enhance your performance and keep you comfortable throughout the game.

Wondering what counts in the best accessories for 7 on 7 football? It's a whole big list that includes Gloves, Helmets, Sleeves, Socks, Spats, Hats, T-Shirt, Shorts, LongSleeves, Tracksuit, Hoodie, HalfSleeves, Hoodie, Pre Game Jersey, and Letterman Jacket, backpacks and drawstring Bags ultimately complete the list.

Explore the essential accessories, gear, and bags that every 7 on 7 football team should consider for a winning season in this guide. So, let's get it cracking!

Accessories for 7 on 7 Football Football Team

Here’s the list of the accessories you must grab if you’re a 7 on 7 football player.


Gloves have recently become a style statement. However, they’re more than just a style statement. Made with ultra-thin and flexible material lined with sticky material, the 7 on 7 gloves ensure excellent grip on the ball. This allows for precise passes and catches. They also protect your hands from abrasions during intense plays, ensuring safety and productivity during the game.

The 7 on 7 football gloves are also good for adaptability to the weather. They have popped up as excellent alternatives during unpleasant weather. The sheer lining of the sticky material on it ensures traction even if the gloves are wet.


Safety and helmets go hand in hand! There is nothing more alarming than a head injury on the field, and a helmet is what comes to the rescue. It is thus one of the most important 7 on 7 football accessories.

Helmets protect the players’ heads against concussions or other traumatic surgeries. These brain injuries can often lead to permanent brain damage or death. Since it is one of the most crucial accessories in 7 on 7 football, select yours with considering important factors. These include size, coverage, straps, and a helmet that provides a clear view besides other factors. 


Arm sleeves! Cool, right? But take notes: the ordinary-looking arm sleeves serve you in so many ways besides making you look stylish, funky, and the cool dude! Sleeves make one of the best 7 on 7 football accessories because they are actually compression sleeves. With the added padding, these sleeves ensure enough compression to fight muscle cramps and fatigue.

In other words, sleeves contribute to health and performance. Also, the sleeves take all the brutal sunburn. Not to forget the UV protection! Sleeves do it in the best way. They are also efficient in providing tattoo coverages.


Being a footballer, you must keep track of so many accessories and gear to outperform others and stand out in a crowd. Socks are one such accessory that may look ordinary but is extremely important. Since footwork is majorly involved in the sport, the feet should be properly cared for, and socks do wonders!

Don't overlook the importance of good socks. Moisture-wicking, cushioned socks are the best products to provide your feet with a comfy, game-friendly environment with enough compression. Also, such socks keep your feet dry during extreme sweating. Football socks have padding around the ankle, which reduces blisters and provides maximum impact protection.


Here’s another product to accessorize yourself with! Football spats or cleat covers are the 7 on 7 football accessories with tremendous benefits. These are worn around the ankles, just above the boots. Spats are particularly important for players with ankle injuries, weak ankles, or who wish to keep injuries at bay.

Besides injury management, cleats provide extra warmth to the ankles in unpleasant weather. Since extensive movement is involved in the game, grass or debris sticking to the ankles can be a source of discomfort, and spats cover it phenomenally. Cleats thus help increase the traction and stability while playing.


33% reduced impact? That’s huge! Get a scrum cap or 7 on 7 hats on your bucket list if safety mattress the most. These caps are the perfect blend of comfort and weight as they are cushioned with a breathable, lightweight material. Since movement and high-impact collisions are inevitable in the game, your head needs to be protected at first, and these caps, as said earlier, are tried and tested to reduce the impact considerably.

Also, the hats can be used as a source to protect the skull from sunlight. This becomes necessary, particularly in hot weather. And not to forget the stylish element it adds to your overall look!

Gear for 7 on 7 Football Team

To equip you in the best possible way with the best accessories, here comes the list of the 7 on 7 football gear you should immediately possess.


The best part about football accessories is they look ordinary but are thoughtfully included in the kit. The same goes for the 7 on 7 football T-shirts. These shirts are made with special fabric with extraordinary moisture-wicking capacity. Also, the good quality t-shirt’s fabric is breathable. Both breathability and moisture wicking count greatly as exertion has to hit you during the game.

Also, the best football t-shirt synchronizes with the rest of the team. It pleases the eyes aesthetically and develops a sense of community and uniformity. And the pop of style that it brings, of course, stays on point!


Football and agility have much in common, and the 7 on 7 football shorts fulfill it. The airy and comfy shorts are professionally designed and thus don’t restrict the players' movement, and the game maintains its pace.

The best shorts are made with perspiration-wicking fabric to keep the players dry, especially during the game when sweating is at its peak. Also, such fabric is lightweight. Besides being convenient weight wise, the lightweight fabric dries away quickly, which is important in the field when wet clothes can be troublesome.

Shorts also offer convenience and are always the go-to option, particularly during hot and humid air.

Long Sleeves

Long sleeves, as discussed earlier, are helpful in many ways, and that’s the reason behind their inclusion in the football kit as one of the best accessories. Protection against harsh weather, both hot and cold, is the mainstream function of long sleeves.

Also, say goodbye to sunburn! Long sleeves will take it upon them. UV rays are harmful, and prolonged exposure to these rays can result in complications, so the best accessory, long sleeves, provide you a shield against UV. Also, they cover tattoos or other body details to keep distractions at bay. And yeah! You look uber and chic!


Tracksuits are included in the best accessories for 7 on 7 football because of their incredible role in maintaining health. Made with the special and finest materials, these tracksuits protect you against environmental harshness. Whether it's too cold or hot, a tracksuit as per the weather will caress you with love.

Also, they enhance mobility. The texture, fabric, dimensions, and special make of tracksuits aren’t a hurdle regarding free and intensive movement on the field. Tracksuits are also believed to contribute to calorie burn indirectly. They contribute to the conditions that compel your body to burn more calories during workouts by heating the body.


The basic purpose of all football accessories is to provide maximum protection and relief to the players. To comply with the stated mission, the hoodie also makes its way to the list of the best 7 on 7 football accessories.

Hoodies protect your head against intense, warm conditions. Also, during extreme cold, hoodies provide instant relief. Hoodies were also believed to be a part of the style regimen. However, according to recent news. The NFL has banned the use of hoodies under 7 on 7 football uniforms.

Half Sleeves Hoodie

The 7 on 7 football short-sleeve hoodie has emerged as a game-changer in football accessories. Its unique blend of style and functionality makes it an indispensable part of a player's arsenal. Designed to provide warmth and comfort without restricting arm movement, this innovative garment is perfect for those cool game days when a full hoodie might be too much.

Its moisture-wicking fabric keeps players dry, even during intense matches. The short-sleeved hoodie adds a flair to team uniforms, creating a unified appearance. In the fast-paced world of 7 on 7 football, little things like this hoodie can make a big difference in a player's performance.

Pre Game Jersey

The 7 on 7 football pre-game jersey is an essential accessory that sets the tone for victory. This specialized jersey isn't just about aesthetics; it signifies unity, determination, and a readiness to rock in the field. Its lightweight, breathable fabric ensures players stay comfortable during warm-up routines, helping them physically and mentally prepare for the game ahead.


Sporting a pre-game jersey is like donning a uniform of confidence and boosting team morale. Players proudly wear their team colors and logos and are reminded of their shared goals. A pre-game jersey in 7 on 7 football symbolizes preparation and the first step toward triumph.

Letterman Jacket

Letterman jackets are insanely cool! Symbolizing pride and joy, the letterman jackets vividly enhance your representation. All the players sporting the same team letterman jackets promote a sense of unity and sportsmanship.

Besides promoting your team and your prominent presence, the letterman jackets are also loved for their chic element. Add a fair of the Gen-Z fashion by investing in a good quality letterman jacket.

Bags for 7 on 7 Football Team

Learn more about the bags that you must add to your kit.


Football backpacks are crucial without any argument. Backpacks accommodate your stuff in style, so call them super functional! With compartments designed to hold cleats, helmets, jerseys, and even laptops for post-game analysis, they are the perfect example of organization and convenience.

These backpacks are not just about carrying gear; they symbolize a player's dedication to the sport. Sporting the team's logo or colors, they showcase team pride both on and off the field. Their durability and ergonomic design make them dependable partners for every match, practice, or tournament.

Drawstring Bag

Another accessory that is unquestionably the finest football accessory is the drawstring bag. This lightweight and versatile bag offers a winning combination of practicality and style. Designed to hold essential gear like water bottles, spare clothes, and personal items, they ensure players are well-prepared for every match or practice. Their drawstring closure provides easy access while keeping contents secure.

The easy access to the stuff inside and its lightweight material make it one handy accessory, making it a must-have in your football kit.

Wrap Up

Ready to hoard all this stuff? We’ve brought you the ultimate list to help you get all your 7 on 7 football accessories in one go. Remember, these accessories, gear, and bags can help you elevate your performance as a footballer, so without compromising on any of it, invest in a good kit and rock it! 

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