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10 Things to Do Before Buying a Football Kit

by M Usman Yaseen 05 Jul 2024

Fantastic! It’s your time to take your football obsession and passion to the next level and invest in a good football kit. You can’t get into the field without a football kit, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player. A quality football kit consisting of a shirt, shorts, socks, and a shin guard is important for comfort and field performance. If made of good quality material, it guarantees both health and peace while playing.

However, before you land in the market to exchange your hard-earned money for a football kit, we’re here to help you. We’ve brought you the most practical and useful tips to grab the BEST! You can use these tips to pick the kit that helps you stay healthy and focused.

Stick to us and learn the 10 things to do before buying a football kit to shop the kit that already makes you the STAR!

Tips Before Buying a Football Kit

The tips given below will help you make the best purchase.

1.   Set a Budget

First thing first! The flashy, high-end products might dazzle your eyes, but remember, not everything that glitters is gold. Before you step into the market, you must set your budget by allocating a reasonable amount for your kit that can get you a quality yet affordable kit.

Search the product, keeping in mind the budget you’ve allocated for it. Also, don’t go for something too cheap. It might save you a few bucks that time, but you’ll be finding yourself busy in the kit haul soon again.

2.   Research, Research, and Research

This is probably the best hack to try before buying anything. Not all football kit brands are created equal. Some have a reputation for producing high-quality, durable kits, while others may fall short in quality and longevity. Before making a purchase, research different brands and read reviews from other buyers to get a sense of the overall quality and performance of the kits. Look for feedback on stitching, fabric durability, and colorfastness to ensure you invest in a kit that will stand the test of time.

4. Keep your preferred Style in Mind

Personal choices are often seen dominating the kits. Football kits come in various styles and designs. From classic solid colors to bold patterns and team-specific designs, there's something for everyone. If you're choosy, you must consider your style and preferences when choosing a kit. For instance, some players prefer long sleeves, while others are more into short sleeves.

Are you a fan of a particular team, or do you prefer a neutral look that can be used for various occasions? Whatever the situation, figure it out and start your hunt. Your kit reflects your personality, so pick one that resonates with you.

3.   The Right Material — Quality Matters

Since your kit is exclusively for the field that involves running and lots of physical exertion, the kit must be made of the right materials. Most preferably, the moisture-wicking material is preferred for football kits as it ensures comfort while playing.

Do check the fabric for breathability. Football kits with added features like ventilation panels and mesh inserts have recently given a new dimension to breathability. Investing in one such kit is recommended, as moisture wicking and breathability also contribute to the fabric’s longevity.

4.   Comfort — Don’t Ignore the Right Fit

Often, buyers are overwhelmed either by the design, variety, or colors, and thus ignore one of the most important aspects: the right fit. If your kit fits you the best, comfort automatically kicks in. For doing so, it’s better to determine your size.

A football kit that doesn't fit properly can be uncomfortable and affect your performance on the field. Take accurate body measurements, paying special attention to your chest, waist, hips, and inseam. Most brands provide sizing charts to help you find the perfect fit. When in doubt, opting for a slightly larger size is often better, as a tight kit can restrict movement. Comfort is key, so don't underestimate the right size's importance.

5.   Check out the Customization Options

This tip is particularly for the players who are playing for a team. In this scenario, your kit must resemble the rest of the team. So, reaching out to a brand or supplier who can customize your kit per the team’s rules and uniform is advisable.

Besides, adding a personal touch to your kit regarding your name, number, design, or team’s logo can make you stand out in a crowd. Different vendors are offering extensive customization options.

6.   Consider Additional Gear

Depending on your style and game, you may require additional gear such as shin guards, gloves, and cleats, as football gear isn’t just the shirt and shorts. One of the tips to act wisely is to shop for the missing items in the kit if you already have accessories like shirts and shorts.

7.   Compare Prices and Retailers

After digging hard for it, it's the point where you might have got a specific kit in mind.  Shop around and compare prices from various retailers. You'll be surprised to find how much prices can vary between stores and online platforms.

Don't forget to check for ongoing sales, discounts, or bundle deals that might save you money. Additionally, consider the retailer's reputation for customer service and return policies. It's essential to have a hassle-free shopping experience and the option to return or exchange the kit if it doesn't meet your expectations. Reviews can give you a better idea about the vendor’s customer service.

8.   Read Care Instructions

Your football kit is an investment; you must take proper care of it to ensure it stays in top condition. Before purchasing, carefully read the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Different materials may require specific washing and drying methods to maintain their quality and color. Ignoring these instructions can lead to premature wear and tear, so be sure you're willing to commit to the necessary care routine.

Also, don't go for a kit whose care regimen is too particular. it might cause you to rush to a launderer or waste too much time cleaning it up.

9.   Give it a Try!

Once your kit is figured out, don’t be scared to try it on. Many vendors and brands offer a dressing room. Rush it and check out the size and fit. It is one useful hack that saves you from the hassle of return and exchange.

To be dead sure about the fitting, move your body, perform imaginary kicks, etc., to see if the kit allows free movement. And if you’re shopping online, do check the seller’s generous return and exchange policy.

10.               Buy at least Two

If you’re a crazy football player, investing in two kits instead of one is better. The other one can be for an emergency or use both alternatively to stay carefree.

Also, you can use the alternate kit if the latter is with the launderer or vice versa.

Here’s Our Top Recommendation

Let’s unveil our recommended football kit. The AF1 is one of the finest kits for athletes because it perfectly fits the criteria we discussed above.


Made with the finest material, AF1 ensures comfort, breathability, and easy movement. Besides, prices, customer care, reviews, and other particulars are so much on point.

Frequently asked questions

What do you need in a football kit?

Shirts, Shorts, Socks, shoes, and shin guards, if we talk about the essentials in a kit. Also, pants can substitute shorts in kits. Besides, we need it to be breathable, comfortable, affordable, and made exactly according to the body measurements.

Are football kits worth it?

Yes! Football kits are absolutely worth it. The football kits allow you to be dressed in comfy, custom-made clothes made of fabric that cater to the game’s situations like sweating and exertion.

Also, the kits are inclusive. They promote uniformity.

How much does a football kit cost?

There is no definite price range. The football kits may be too cheap or might cost you an arm and a leg. The best way to assess is to survey the market and choose the one according to your budget.

Is hair pulling a foul in football?

Hair pulling is a rare sight in football. Since it doesn’t happen usually, no football laws cover hair pulling. However, it is termed as violence or misconduct. However, the situations vary, and they need to be viewed to assess the severity.

How do I choose a football Jersey?

Follow a few best hacks and tips to select your football jersey. Check out your budget, personal preference, material, care instructions, and vendors’ reviews to select a jersey. Also, check out the fitting and sizing, and try it before buying.


So, what’s your take on buying a football kit? You must have agreed to the golden rules this guide brought you in order to grab the kit that stands the test of time.


Don't compromise on any of the 10 things to do before buying a football kit. It’s the foolproof formula to invest wisely and cherish your purchase forever. 

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