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Terms and Conditions

Digital Mockups and Order

1-After receiving request AthleticForce1 will send a digital mockup to the client
for approval. After the client approves the digital mockup, we will send an invoice
with terms and conditions for signature. The client should read all details like
shipping address, phone number, etc. Upon approval of the digital mockup,
invoice, and terms and conditions, the client shall pay the full amount of the
invoice for production. Once the production starts, the client will not stop the
production and will not ask for Refund as soon as production has started. If a
refund is required for any reason, it will take two to 3 weeks.

  • AthleticForce1 will not accept any changes to the invoice or digital mockup.
  • After payment and final approval to start the process.
  •  AthleticForce1 will process the invoice in due course.
  •  If the order is delayed for any reason, we will notify you promptly.
  •  All products will carry the Athleticforce1 brand logo.

2- Tangible product colors may vary from digital mockups. Because a tangible
product is not a digital image. But we will try to get as close as possible.
If you find any defects in the product such as misspelling of the name, damage to
the fabric, machine stains. We will be responsible for accepting unused items.
Used items will never be acceptable/returnable/refundable.


Our current helmets are not Virginia Tech 5-star certified but is in process to get
certified. We will announce soon for progress and reputation of our helmets, but
we provide good product service to our customers.

3- Athleticforce1 has the right to may refuse to accept any Client’s order. With
Cause or no reason.

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